Offshoot is a passion project that stems, quite naturally, from Kevin’s years of experience at Fident Capital. One of the best aspects of the gig is interacting with brilliant people on both the operator/borrower and investor/lender sides of transactions. He loves the diversity of their viewpoints and experiencing the horsepower that’s behind their performance. The podcast’s aim is to give these experts a venue to share their knowledge and experience, build relationships and foster connections, and to support real estate entrepreneurs. We talk shop on real estate and finance, and we talk personal performance, delving into daily routines, habits, and beliefs that underpin these individuals. We hope you enjoy the conversations.


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Welcome to Episode 14 of Offshoot with Howard Katkov, CEO and co-owner of Red Mountain Resort in Rossland, British Columbia. Howard has started and successfully operated seven different companies and has pulled a steady paycheck from them 45 consecutive years. He loves the game of businesses and building successful ventures from vision to execution with the support of strong teams.
Welcome to Episode 13 of Offshoot with Ms. Jennifer Hernandez, a land use attorney from Holland and Knight. Jennifer is truly remarkable. She expertly and fluidly draws connections between the flaws of California’s Environmental Quality Act and the rights of its citizenry to have attainable shelter. Jennifer reveals that CEQA is no longer utilized to protect the environment from pollutants, nor to protect open space.
In this episode we welcome Brian Shirken. Brian is a Cofounding Partner at Mountain Pacific Opportunity Partners, and the founder of its precursor, Mountain Capital Partners. He also co-founded Columbus Pacific in 1995. Brian has been principally involved in millions of square feet of retail, over 10,000 student housing beds, development of over 3,000 multifamily units, and 5 assisted living projects.