What Free Optionality Brings to Real Estate Investing

I’ve come to understand that a principled commitment to some vital business concepts provides substantial leverage and a competitive edge. Optionality, and its special relative free optionality, is one such concept. Here, I endeavor to define the terms, bring them into relief with real world examples, and illustrate some applications of free optionality within real […]

New Strategic Focus And Implications For San Diego

At times, there are changes in our great nation’s strategic planning that can have massive implications for the local economy that go largely unnoticed until they play out. At a recent economic forecast by the Institute of Real Estate Management, Terry Magee, a former senior officer of the United States Navy who subsequently held high […]

Metacognition: Key to Success in Real Estate Development World?

After eighteen plus years in the real estate development and capital markets, I have seen both massive successes and failures on the part of real estate developers. As a person who has a degree in medieval history and has never lost a passion for historical studies (yes, I am a history nerd), I naturally developed […]

Affordable Housing: Good intentions But Wrong Approach

With Fident’s relocation to a downtown San Diego office, I find myself driving by the high-rise affordable housing project Ten Fifty B every day. This 23-story, LEED Gold, concrete, glass, and steel tower is really something. The architecture is good and it offers some of the best views of the city, the Pacific, Balboa Park, […]

3 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Lender

Choosing a lender can be a difficult task when you have multiple options. We often see clients focusing heavily on price and proceeds, sometimes to a fault. There are many other important, even critical, factors to consider when selecting a lending partner. We have been part of transactions where a client chose the more expensive […]

Maquiladoras: Subsidizing San Diego’s Industrial Sector

At an estimated population of nearly five million, the San Diego-Tijuana MSA is one of the United States largest bi-national conurbations. Accounting for approximately 40% of the USA/Mexico border population, it is one of the nation’s most populous and productive cross-border partnerships. In 2014 the region generated an estimated GDP of $230 billion, stacking an additional […]

Finding an Advantage in Real Estate Investing

The Setup A few years ago I read a comment describing how real estate, unlike the stock market, is built on asymmetry. Asymmetry in local expertise, operational knowledge by market or product type, access to capital, and sometimes pricing knowledge for assets (not just what was paid, but why). Arbitrage in financial markets has become […]

Advantages & Disadvantages of JV Equity Partner

As a capital advisor, we’ve placed joint venture equity into a variety of project types. We are not in the business of syndication, so the types of equity groups we’ve chosen to align ourselves with are all institutional in nature. These include opportunity funds, hedge funds, private investment firms, and even sophisticated family offices. Some […]

Strictly Business Radio Show featuring Kevin Choquette

Fident Capital founder Kevin Choquette featured on the Strictly Business Radio show discussing recent projects, Fident’s role as an advocate for builders and developers and the company’s focus on ‘risk’ projects. The informal 15 minute chat is available here.

Useful Excel Tips & Tricks for Real Estate

As a real estate professional, Excel is a part of everyday life. Despite daily use, it’s amazing the little tricks people haven’t picked up. Often times someone will be looking over my shoulder as we examine a model or some data analysis and ask, “Wait, how’d you do that?” Or, “I’ve never seen that function, […]