Chris Thornberg: Overheating: $11T of Gov Spend Created an Asset Bubble & Massive Uncertainty

Dr. Thornberg is an uncommon economist. Chris is as much at home with philosophy as the nuts-and-bolts of economics and forecasting. As the Founder of Beacon Economics, Chris is not only one of the few, like Hank Paulson, who called the collapse of the housing market, but also one of the few economists who can call it like it is, and share beliefs rooted in facts rather than opinion.

Lorne Polger: Passion and People — The Foundation of 11 Funds and 135 Deals.

Lorne Polger, co-founder and Senior Managing Director of Pathfinder Partners joins me on this episode. 

After more than 20 years practicing real estate and environmental law at Procopio, in San Diego, and just before The Great Recession began, Lorne and his partner Mitch Siegler had the vision and guts to leap into the operator role.

Josh Sasouness: Keep Walking — Becoming the #1 HUD Lender in 6 Short Years.

We welcome Josh Sasouness, Co-CEO of Dwight Capital, to this episode of Offshoot. Dwight is NYC-based mortgage banking platform that is the number one multi family FHA/HUD lender in that Nation. Josh and his brother, Adam, came to that position after only six and a half years advancing the business they started in 2014.