Crowdfunding Has Grown Up and Is Here to Stay

Crowdfunding in the commercial real estate space has steadily evolved since passage of the JOBS Act and now represents a viable way to capitalize the equity side of a deal. Institutional-quality platforms have grown considerably in recent years and continue to gain market share. In our “Intro to Development Deal Structuring” blog, we covered several […]

Intro to development deal structuring: How to get in the game

Aspiring developers often inquire how they can stay invested in a development deal long term, rather than selling the project upon approval or completion. Deals that successfully structure this outcome take advantage of imputed equity and developer partnerships, while also managing the expectations of GP, co-GP, and/or LP equity. 

Useful Excel Tips & Tricks for Real Estate

As a real estate professional, Excel is a part of everyday life. Despite daily use, it’s amazing the little tricks people haven’t picked up. Often times someone will be looking over my shoulder as we examine a model or some data analysis and ask, “Wait, how’d you do that?” Or, “I’ve never seen that function, […]

Number 1 way to improve your leadership. Listen

The wonderful opportunity to become a member of Entrepreneurs Organization (EO) came my way two years ago. Connecting with this group of likeminded, successful, company founders has been truly transformational. As part of my EO experience, I gained admittance to the Entrepreneurial Master’s Program (EMP, co-produced by MIT and EO). The educational content here (which […]