Fident Capital seeks a Managing Director to add to its growing capital advisory team.  The thriving 11-year-old firm has recently bolstered its support staff and welcomes adding another top producer to their UTC (San Diego) office.  The role enjoys the backing of the entire production team yet offers the director complete autonomy to develop and run a thriving production business in the way they see fit.  Generous fee participation and company profit participation provide high incentive above a base draw.

Overview of Responsibilities

  • Develop relationships with commercial property investors and developers to secure new engagements
  • Underwrite prospective opportunities and package the investment for presentation to institutional capital 
  • Pitch investments to the capital markets, negotiate for acceptable outcomes
  • Manage deals, tirelessly, until successful close
  • Manage analytical staff
  • Maintain close and disciplined contact with company CRM


Daily Responsibilities
Day-to-day duties for a typical producer will include:

  • Attending meetings with clients and prospective clients
  • Attending events to retouch and grow professional network
  • Reaching out to prospects and leads
  • Qualifying inbound deals for suitability
  • Researching and underwriting active deals
  • Soliciting capital interest for active projects
  • Reviewing due diligence materials at the property and financing level
  • Replying to requests from capital and clients
  • Advancing deals from start to close


Bachelor’s Degree, business administration preferred 
At least 6 years work in real estate capital markets and ideally 2+ years of production 

  • Exceptional written and verbal communication skills: an ability to direct, persuade, influence, and collaborate.
  • Fully conversant in the vernacular of commercial real estate finance.
  • Tech Savvy: knowledgeable and proficient with I.T. and software including, MS Office, Co-star, REIS, Argus, Trepp, databases, web‐based CRMs, etc.
  • Resourceful. Things that need to get done are attended to without unnecessary oversight and direction. “Figure it out,” needs no follow-on explanation.
  • Autonomous. Know the plot and carry on independently to solve the challenges at hand.
  • Salesman. The only thing we need to do is get out of your way. You are a closer.

Our core values
1. Take initiative. Define the task and accept responsibility for the outcome.
2. Cooler heads prevail. Don’t react emotionally in tough times.
3. Act now. Improve personal and company systems with each iteration.
4. Stay hungry. Learn, grow, and humbly pursue the next level of achievement.
5. Invest in relationships. Seek and share exceptional value in support of clients and teammates.  
Compensations and Benefits
Highly competitive compensation package. The director will receive a $50k draw; while the bulk of the director’s compensation comes through participation in an independently controlled P&L, from which 60% of gross profits distribute to the director. The company covers all non-deal related internal overhead expenses (office, admin, training, education, insurance, health insurance, utilities, I.T., accounting, legal, etc.); the director reimburses (but does not fund) from fee income all costs they control and incur in support of their business (their draw, travel, conferences, meals, and timed consumption of analytical staff). In short, the director will receive all overhead support courtesy of the company and will not reimburse any deal-related expenses until he or she closes a deal and receives fee income.

Typical ramp-up period is 6 months, after which competent directors will generate over $1MM of annual fee revenue. Net income for a director at this level will equal around $500K.

Fident offers generous health insurance and 401k benefits after introductory period. Profit participation in the company will become available for top producers.

Key Terms: Director, Managing Director, Senior Associate, Producer, Investment Banking, Real Estate Investment Banking, Structured Finance, Capital Markets, Debt, Equity, Financing, Broker, Commercial Development, Commercial Real Estate, UTC, La Jolla, San Diego

Compensation Range: $250,000+

How to apply: All interested parties are encouraged to reach out to us via our contact form. Please reference Managing Director in your message.