Services We support our clients’ vision and become champions of their project.

Fident Capital secures debt and equity financing for middle-market developers and investors operating in the Western United States.
Our core services include:

  • designing the optimum capital stack
  • marketing the opportunity
  • pushing to an expedient and successful close

Fident Capital develops project knowledge second only to our clients, enabling development of individualized capital structures that accommodate the sponsor’s vision and project profile. Our familiarity with each project allows us to detail market, execution, and project-level risks with institutional rigor so that targeted capital providers can quickly digest investment packages. After agreeing on terms, Fident Capital keeps term sheets aligned with final closing documents while diligently pushing the close.


Fident Capital is an ideal business partner for entrepreneurs seeking an independent expert to manage their capital raising. Today’s capital markets are nuanced; often, securing investment is not enough. Structure, rate, and terms are only part of an optimal execution. Fident Capital mitigates risk and adds value to those focused on their core competencies by addressing contractual obligations and loan covenants, the capital base of the investor, the rights and remedies across each member of the capital stack, and the options available to the sponsor in a downturn. Fident Capital is not only an effective advocate for the vision of your project and a vehicle for securing the optimal capital for your deal, but also an advocate for your company, your team, your livelihood, and your wealth creation. Founder’s message.