Direct Lending Where ideas find the support to execute. Because sometimes bankers just don’t get it.

Fident Capital offers bridge loans directly to borrowers in need of timely, reliable execution. Through a strategic alliance with a $300MM debt fund based in the Bay Area that’s been in business for over 65 years, our platform delivers pragmatic underwriting, quick and no-nonsense responses, and a clear timeline to close.

Whether your banker (or his bank) has fallen short, your deal is highly transitional, or you simply need a timely funding, Fident can help. As a balance sheet lender, we have a commercial approach to addressing risk and craft innovative, sound, loan structures that address challenges which may dissuade others.

With a focus on income-producing properties, our very narrow credit approval provides fast and reliable execution through a transparent process. When we say we’ll do a deal, it gets done.
Loan Amounts: $3MM to $20MM.

Target Markets: Denver and West

Rate and Fees: 7.5% rate (+/- 50 bps), 2 point fee (+/- 50 bps).

Leverage: at 65% LTC (+/- 7% pts)


  • No minimum interest or exit fees
  • Fully discretionary capital
  • Expedient closing
  • Balance sheet lender
  • In-house servicing and legal
  • Negative debt coverage ok
  • Brokers protected

Our advisory services do not mix with our lending activity. We will offer a loan or make a market for a borrower. We do not serve clients as a lender and an advisor on the same engagement. Further, not only are brokers protected for their commissions but on their advisor relationship with the borrower. We won’t pursue a broker’s clients.