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WeWork is Insanely ...

    Shorting a public stock is easy. Shorting a private company… well, not so much. If shorting was easy, here’s my take on why making a bet against WeWork’s $21 billion value makes sense. First, I have nothing against WeWork. I like the concept and much of what they do. I think they’re visionary

Ready, Aim, File? Getting CEQA back on ...

It is well known that California’s attractive environment supports a high standard of living and ample demand for housing. What should be more well-known, however, is how California’s environmental legislation, while well intentioned, can prevent that demand from being satisfied. It has been Jennifer Hernandez’s and her colleagues at Holland & Knight’s goal to prove

Part 2: The Sunshine Tax

In Part 1: National Housing Trends, our recap of the past decade indicated that the United States continues to experience a large housing shortage since household construction fails to keep up with household formation. To supplement this, much of our follow-up research showed which metros get hit the hardest and uncovered important implications for our